Red painted Ovahimba children appear from bushes, holding out hands for sweets along the crocodile infested banks of the Cunene river.Crocodiles?…we didn’t even see one…must be almost none left then? Maybe they were hunted out by soldiers during the border war that took place between 1966 and 1989. Still we don’t dare to go for a quick swim in the still water or stand too close to the edge. Epupa falls, what an amazing landscape…perfect weather also. We followed the path to the white sand beach, past the scribbles on n rock that said “don’t swim at the beach!” A tour guide was taken by a crocodile while swimming at this spot a few years ago. Back inland we went, through Damaraland, were saw a rhino sleeping under a bush, just a few meters from the car. It woke up and stormed the car, then stopped, made a hissing sound, and ran off into the bushes.